Foundational Statements


Horizon University (HU) was founded upon Christian doctrine and religious principles. We strive to provide the highest standard of education to Los Angeles and the surrounding communities. HU focuses on providing degree programs to students of all backgrounds, in order to serve the expanding local and global communities of the world. Upon the completion of our degree programs, students will be able to enrich and serve with the moral, spiritual, and professional values our Christian education provides.



Our mission at Horizon University (HU) is to educate the next generation of strong Christian leaders who will selflessly serve their Church, communities, and beyond with their various skills and vital knowledge gained during their studies of theology, the Bible, and practical ministry here at HU.



Horizon University prides itself in upholding core Christian values and doctrines daily in not only our educational pursuits but in all that we do. We have identified and summarized our three core values:

We value the mission and dedication of all Christian members and the talents and skills they bring to the Church community; focusing on the service and communicating of the Lord’s message.

We strive for the highest level of academic success, integrity and professionalism focusing on the Christian faith and developing a relationship with our savior, Jesus Christ.

We dedicate ourselves and our students to serve as role models in our local and global communities, churches, and workplace.



Our vision for Horizon University (HU) is to enrich and spiritually improve the world around us by preparing Christian leaders dedicated to working in the areas of ministry and theology. Our students will inspire, motivate, and drive others to live a life defined by Christian principals, and they will be shining examples of the outstanding educational experience at HU. They will be leaders that guide their communities to greatness in the name of Jesus Christ.



The fourfold goal of Horizon University (HU) is to educate students who become academically successful and intellectually confident Christian leaders. They will also become culturally aware and tolerant while possessing a professional edge. Having these qualities will enable our students to be successful professionals. Our goals in detail are:

First, students will be academically successful and intellectually confident which are important to overall professional success. Students will learn skills necessary to analyze and absorb important information, and students will be able to apply their knowledge to real-world situations.

Second, students will develop cultural awareness and tolerance in order to be compassionate and fair leaders. They will understand differences that may arise while at work in various communities, and they will know how to cultivate a space built upon inclusion and Christian love.

Third, the education received at HU will grow strong professionals who have superior knowledge and skills in their respective professional fields. Students will possess practical skills that they are able to demonstrate in the field.

Our fourth and most important goal is to mold and cultivate strong, dedicated spiritual leaders who are well versed in Biblical knowledge and Christian values. These leaders will live a life mirroring Christian principles and share their knowledge with others in a mature and compassionate manner.