Institutional Objectives

The fourfold goal of Horizon University (HU) is to educate students who become academically successful and intellectually confident Christian leaders. They will also become culturally aware and tolerant while possessing a professional edge. Having these qualities will enable our students to be successful professionals. Our goals in detail are:

First, students will be academically successful and intellectually confident which are important to overall professional success. Students will achieve skills necessary to analyze and absorb important information in their discipline, and students will apply their knowledge to real-world situations.

Second, students will develop cultural awareness and tolerance in order to be compassionate and fair leaders. Students will evaluate differences that may arise while at work in various communities, and they will know how to manage a space built upon inclusion and Christian love.

Third, the education received at HU will grow strong professionals who have superior knowledge and skills of their respective professional fields. Students will acquire practical skills that they are able to demonstrate in the field.

Our fourth and most important goal is to mold and cultivate strong, dedicated spiritual leaders who are well versed in Biblical knowledge and Christian values. Students will apply Christian principles to purse their vision and mission in life and deliver their knowledge to others in a mature and compassionate manner.