Tuition & Fees

Full tuition payment is required before classes begin unless prior arrangement is made with the Administrator of Finance.  Any arrangement or agreement with any faculty members or other Administrative staff in regards to tuition payment will be considered null and void.  A student will receive an official transcript, Certificate of Enrollment, and/or a degree, only if the student has met the required academic standards and requirements and has paid all financial obligations in full.



Undergraduate$125.00 per Unit
Graduate$200.00 per Unit



Application Fee$100.00 (Non-refundable)
Certificate of Enrollment$20.00 per copy
Student Activity Fee$20.00 per quarter
Official Transcript$20.00 per copy
Student ID$20.00
Late Registration Fee$20.00
Late Tuition Payment Fee$100.00
Late Add/Drop Fee$50.00
Bank Returned Item Fee$20.00
Graduation Fee


*Books and materials are additional:  All books and materials required for the course will be listed in the syllabus.  It is the responsibility of the students to obtain the course materials before the first day of the class.